A Man and a Dream

“It began in a one-car garage…” was a phrase coined in 1964 when Phil Director opened “Director Door Corporation” in a small shed in Babylon, Long Island. Even though “Keep it small” was his motto, Phil was able to grow his respected business and eventually move it from that small shed to a large facility in Copiague. In 1974, Phil welcomed his son, Jim, into the family trade, and together they expanded the business to a larger facility and warehouse in North Amityville, providing quality doors, frames, and hardware across the tri-state area.

The Dream Continues

That tradition continues today as Jim’s wife, Susan, and son, Scott, have taken over daily operations at Director Door. Director Door Industries, Ltd. is a family-run construction business that distributes architectural doors, frames, and finish hardware to general contractors and owner developers. Since its inception, Director Door has maintained personal, customer-friendly business experience where project managers are hands on; giving customers 100% of their time.

Today, Director Door holds itself to the same high standards as it did in 1964, managing both low and high-end commercial construction, as well as high-end residential buildings in the tristate area. We look forward to working with you, and invite you to reach out us so you can experience our courtesy, professionalism, and work ethic first-hand.

To learn how Director Door Industries can assist you on your forthcoming projects, please e-mail us at [email protected], or call (631) 777-7878 to speak with a member of our staff.

Director Door Industries is a certified New York City WBE corporation.

LEED and Environmental Impact

There are many areas in which Director Door can meet or exceed LEED requirements in commercial construction.

For Wood Doors and Frames, possible LEED contributions include credits for Recycled Content, Regional Materials, Rapidly Renewable Materials, and Low-Emitting Materials.

In Hollow Metal Doors and Frames, possible LEED contributions include Recycled Content and Regional Materials. In Specialty Doors and Frames, in addition to Recycled Content and Regional Materials, we can also offer Low-Emitting Materials.

With Director Door’s Finish Hardware, possible contributions to LEED include Recycled Content and Regional Materials.

Director Door Industries is dedicated to protecting our environment through a committed recycling program and the use of green products and programs, where available, in our business practices.

Please email [email protected] for any questions or bid solicitations